Unfortunately I am removing all my UTAU and assets content for the following reasons:

– People stealing my assets.
– People breaking the terms of use of my voicebanks (UTAU).
– Attack on my download links, trying to remove them from the air.
– Attack my commissions page and post’s.
– Discrimination and prejudice for my political opinions and image defamation (this in particular is a case regarding the Brazilian UTAU fandom).

I’m getting these attacks this 5 months ago and I’m already out of patience to be paying attention to it, so all my UTAU content will be deleted, I will no longer work with assets for UTAU, the samples I post from my requests for commissions on my SC will no longer be posted, but will be sent to voicebank, if anyone wants the .wav file from any of the samples to contact me via DM, it will be sent to you, all links and mirrors that I give access will be updated by account of some attacks coming from Brunei some links may have problems so i will update them.

my UTAU and voicebank terms of use for DeepVocal will be updated soon

Sound-Technica members are excused to do whatever they want

Signed YeDev